Jason screwed up. He cheated on Jen, got caught and kicked out. He felt like an idiot and wanted desperately to get back together. He begged and pleaded with her to give him another chance. “It meant nothing, it’s you I really love!” But Jennifer said what most women in this situation feel: “No Way, I can never trust you again.” Both of them were hurt and feeling miserable.

Jason had lost his love over a “meaningless” fling. He was desperate for relationship advice. Jen felt betrayed and could see no way to get back to the feelings of love for her man. Was there any marriage help for her? 

elationship breakups happen all the time for all kinds of reasons. Cheating is one of the biggest causes, but it can be anything. Constant fighting and arguing. One mate just “isn’t that into” the other one anymore. Or one of you is too controlling and the other feels smothered. Whatever. Relationship problems lead to breakups.  Now, not every relationship can be saved, every situation is unique.

But what if you can get your ex back, even for the worst of transgressions? Using the information you’re about to discover, Jason made a specific kind of call to his soon-to-be ex wife

that took less than ten minutes.

In that one phone call something remarkable happened for Jen. She actually began to feel like maybe she could trust him again. So they got back together that same night. Yes, they still have some things to work on, but they got back together because Jason learned something about helping his ex move back towards trust.

What if you could get your ex back? And in the process build a stronger love relationship than you had before? It happens a lot, and it can happen for you.  Now, every situation is unique and not every break up can be repaired.  However, what if you could move beyond any and all past mistakes made between you and get over a break up in hours?

My name is John Laney and I teach courses on Relationship and Emotional Intelligence. I’ve written a book called How To Get Your Love Back Now. The 7 Step Reconnect Method Jason used is just one of the powerful approaches you can learn to win back your ex.

What if your relationship ended over another huge problem –
your ex just isn’t that into you?

The passion died away. Like when Mike told Debra “Things just aren’t the same anymore… you’re not The One for me…” and walked out of her life. Debra felt crushed. Another guy she really liked had dumped her. Ouch! But what could she do when he just wasn’t that into her?

Can you get ex back when
they’re just not that into you?

This kind of common relationship problem requires a whole different approach than Jason needed with Jen. And its not hard to learn at all. Debra made a different kind of call to Mike. Again,

It took less than ten minutes.

She followed it up with a second call the next day and they were back together and got over their breakup within two days. She and Mike are now both back in love and having more fun than ever before. You can learn exactly what she said in the call to win back his heart. You see, relationships deal in Emotional Logic. Learn it, and you can turn your ex back into your love.

Jason used some compelling Emotional Intelligence to get back with Jen. The 7 Step Reconnect Method that he used won’t work for everyone. Yet it’s perfect for some situations. It is powerful and it will help you to move beyond mistakes with your ex much more quickly.

Debra used a very different kind of Emotional Logic to get back with Mike. Even after Mike said the dreaded words “Maybe we can still be friends.” And, she had a lot of fun doing it.

I am going to tell you in this letter one of the first basic pieces to winning back the love of your ex. But first, here is a short video I put together on some relationship intelligence you can put to use today in getting your ex back.

Next, please understand

It’s Not Hopeless!

Look. If you are in the midst of a break up or divorce, I know it’s a hard time. A break up is an emotional hurricane of very difficult feelings to deal with. Heartache. Sadness. Loneliness. Desperation. In Jason’s case guilt and shame and in Debra’s case sadness and grief. Break up’s trigger some of the worst feelings in our lives.

You can cry at the drop of a hat. Or see two lovers holding hands and suddenly feel the weight of a bowling ball in your gut for what you’ve lost. Hear a love song on the radio and feel crushing heartache.

But what if you could win back your ex? What if you could not only begin to repair the damage but learn some simple methods to have more love than ever before? What if you could stop a divorce dead in its tracks with a 7 minute conversation?  What if you could turn your ex wife or ex husband into your lover again within hours? 

But how?? Is there some secret recipe to making your ex want your back? Is there some code proven by others that you could rush your love back into your arms?

The Code can be called EQ.

EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence. Jason had a tough problem to overcome, right? Cheating is one of the biggest relationship killers in the world. He desperately wanted another chance, but Jen kept saying she could never trust him again. What can you do if that’s the case? Man or woman – whether you wronged your mate or they wronged you – learning some EQ will help you get your love back and stop your break up or divorce.

You need Emotional Intelligence if you are

Calling your ex ten times a day and leaving voice mails

Obsessing over what happened

Having a hard time thinking about anything else

Feeling drained of energy

Feeling hopeless, like nobody will ever love you again

Thinking about stalking and spying on them

Rehashing your last conversations endlessly



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